Homes under PMAY

The Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs said that the PMAY [Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna] Scheme is likely to cross 55 lakhs housing units that are being funded by the Central Government. The ministry also sanctioned the construction of 1.12 lakh more housing units under the same scheme in the recently held meeting of the central sanctioning and monitoring committee (CSMC) of PMAY(U). Andhra Pradesh bagged the highest number of housing units with more than 37,000 under these recently sanctioned affordable homes for urban poor in the country.

Earlier to this, the Government also sanctioned the construction of 2.67 lakh affordable houses for the poor in 10 states. The housing ministry issued a statement and said The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has approved the construction of 1,12,213 more affordable houses for the benefit of urban poor under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban).

Out of these sanctioned homes, Andhra Pradesh will construct 37,719 housing units, Haryana got 19,858 housing units sanctioned, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra got approval to construct 18,375,and 12,238 houses respectively while Chhattisgarh bagged 10,632 affordable housing units followed by Karnataka who will construct 8,761 affordable homes.

Apart from these states, the Narendra Modi-led Central Government also approved construction of 4,442 affordable homes in Jammu & Kashmir and 188 housing units were sanctioned for Arunachal Pradesh. The Housing and Urban Affairs ministry said that both these states will receive a financial assistance of Rs. 1,683.18 crore for proper execution of these units.

After the recent sanction of affordable homes, the total of housing units under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna [PMAY] will count to 54,95,443. This number will be achieved after getting a nod from central sanctioning and monitoring committee [CSMC]. The Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee had earlier approved the construction of 59,421 affordable homes in Madhya Pradesh and 55,296 housing units in Gujarat.