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AMC i.e the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation recorded a 21% increase in the property tax collected from property, professional and vehicle between April 1 and December 4.

The corporation issued a statement and said that this year we have collected Rs. 786 crores between the month of April and December in the current financial year. The AMC officials also said that this year’s income is Rs. 138 crore more than what was generated in the same period of the last fiscal year.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation also attached 26 properties of defaulters and as a result, 16 defaulters came forward to pay off their outstanding dues. The authority officials informed that they are evaluating the cost of other 10 attached properties.

The maximum number of properties sealed by the authority falls under the jurisdiction of North West zone. The corporation has sealed total 948 properties out of which 364 are in the North West Zone, South West Zone with 217.

There are 109 sealed properties in the West Zone, 125 in Central Zone and 111 falls under the South Zone. The North Zone and east zone have 23 properties and 43 sealed properties respectively. The officials of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation MC said that till now 56,000 residents have paid property tax online and the corporation is encouraging the city residents to make cashless transactions on which they can avail a rebate of 2%.

This is a way to attract property owners to pay tax online inspite of standing in a queue at the office of Municipal Corporation.